Help! I need directions in Croydon.

Nov 22, 2016

Do you have a business plan and is it written down? Do you know where you are going with your business?

Running a business is all about questions and answers, solving the problems within your business (which takes too much of your time and causes you stress) and within those of others ( your time to sell your product or services).

Every day is different and most small businesses spend too much time being reactive and not proactive. This has a dramatic effect on yur bottom line. Planning your future and having goals are very important. How else will you know where you are going? The other day I heard the analogy that it's like getting into your car, turning it on and being ready to set off whilst not actually knowing where you are going to drive to.

As a small business, it is very important to plan ahead - know the purpose of your business, who your target market is, how to interact with your audience, how to reduce your stress by either employing staff or outsourcing to those who can help solve your internal problems and how to expand the business to get to a level ready for exit.

Useful Contact is here to help - if you need support in knowing where to go with your business, it's never too late to start. I have the right people to help you understand yourself and your business, help you reduce your stress, save you time, effort and money to enable you to be more prepared for the future and reach the goals you set both business and personal. Do you have a problem in your business today? Don't worry, I can also help when you're not prepared for a problem.

Visit and search for the service you need or call Philip on 07973 636645 with a specific request or just a chat - I personally recommend our trusted business support service companies in the Croydon and surrounding areas.