Do I or Don't I?

Aug 16, 2016

That question can be applied to many circumstances but today I want to apply it to your office space. The question is – do I move offices?

The main reasons for moving office are Expansion – you need more space as the business grows, Necessity – your lease may be coming to an end or the landlord may want you out, Change – it may just be you want something better or different, Location – you may have relocated the business or may want a better position, Downsizing – a company can shrink as well as expand!

The first decision is whether or not you have to move office. It maybe the case that your existing office just needs an uplift, a bit of TLC. In that case, you can decide on what level of refurbishment to complete. A simpe lick of paint and new carpets, or new ceiling tiles, lights, window blinds, furniture, IT equipment – the list is endless but you can pick and chose what you want. It will also be the less costly of the two.

If, however, you do need to move, the headache then begins. You need to source a suitable property, negotiate terms, get the legals sorted. Does the office space require refurbishment or is it ready to go. Then you need to think about communications – IT data cabling, electrics, server facilities, telephone lines. Next removers, date of the move, staffing requirements. Do you need to install a new telephone system or can you utilise the existing one? The sames goes for the IT servers, routers, switches etc. Do you want to buy new furniture? You will have to if expanding but do you want it all to match? The questions can be endless and to what degree of detail you go into depends on you!

Philip Mallourides is a project manager who has managed many office

moves from start to finish. If you require any advice, don’t hesitate to

get in contact. The project management also includes the sourcing and

supply of all items required such as furniture and telephony equipment.