Bad Customer Service

Aug 16, 2016

I have written before in regard to Customer Service and how it can affect your business. It still amazes me how businesses still manage to get it wrong – I now have a personal story to tell and it’s aimed directly at a big company, a big American company……it’s name in the UK is ASDA!

My son wanted some Pringles and having seen the television adverts showing some good deals (including Pringles!) I decided to try a shop at my local Asda. I had never been before. My usual shop of choice is Morrisions and sometimes Sainsburys. Both have free parking and are again local.

Asda was very busy and it was a bit of a nightmare to get to, having to go round a one way system and come back on ourselves to get there but we made it. The car parl was very busy but we found a space, right at the back. We went and did our shopping and had a cheeky McDonalds too!

On returning to the car, I had managed to get myself a ticket! What was this, I thought. I looked around at the signs and saw that actually it was a pay and display – you had to pay! I was not happy as you can imagine but at the same time was kicking myself as I didn’t actually look at the signs as I presumed, like all other major supermarkets in the area, it woud be free.

When I got home, I vented my anger on Twitter and Facebook, knowing their customer service team would see it! Indeed they did but the reply was lacking in every sense… went along the lines of sorry, if you’d like to appeal get in touch with the car park operator.

Sorry? I have to get in touch with the car park operator to appeal a ticket I can’t because I was in the wrong! Where is the Customer Service in that? There is none. There is no concern for the customer, who has just spent valuable money in your store. There is no concern that I stated I would never shop at that store again. There is no concern to try and win back my custom.

This is not how Customer Service should me and if you, my friends, dealt with your cutomers this way, you would not be in business. Small business relies on our customers and we treat them well. If we need to regain their trust because something has gone wrong, we bend over backwards to placate them. We value their custom because their money payes our wages. Without customers, we have nothing. It’s a shame big business do not see it that way. It’s always the same.

I too must learn not to assume anything! The saying is true….I am Philip Mallourides and if you want to learn more with ways to progress your business, email me